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A Weekend

Posted on by jane

by Jane


We went to the museum. There were dahlias.

I was impressed because it was free and the museum was made out of so much money. We took the bus. We took the bus back down. We watched a movie. The next day I had ice cream.

The mornings look like they might be cooler but they never are. The terrace was empty. We sat but we had to leave early because of the movie. There was a line for the movie.

We got off the bus too early. We walked through the campus; the campus was empty.

We went to buy a pizza. A television hung from the ceiling played a soccer game. There was no sound and the man at the counter watched it and cursed silently.

We waited in line for the movie. We stopped at the curb. We ran to the bus. We crossed the street and the oven opened.

The street curves, the cars follow. The signal changes. Or a sugar cone. Or yesterday. Or the bus stopped. The bus was empty. Today is Sunday.

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  1. Chantal says:

    Your posts are always wonderful. Keep ‘em coming please.

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