This is the official site of Birdsong Micropress, a lil publishing outfit located in Williamsburg (not the historic one), and is comprised of an array of serialized zines and one-shots by various birdsong writers/artists, and the interview series Five on It. Contributors comprise The Birdsong Collective.

About us

The Birdsong Collective and Micropress were founded in April 2008 with four goals in mind: to foster sustained collaboration among artists, musicians and writers in the form of an ongoing workshop; to continually encourage each other to produce creative work; to host free, public events where members can showcase works in progress; and to circulate members’ creative endeavors in a low-cost, easy to reproduce, and high-frequency format. Birdsong members share commitments to social movements of feminism, anti-racism, queer positivity, class-consciousness, and DIY cultural production. These commitments inform our creative work in many ways, ranging from the concrete to the theoretical to the experimental.

Tommy Pico – Editor in Chief

Daniel Portland - Managing Editor

Chantal Johnson, Katie Naoum, Roy Pérez, Max Steele & Lauren Wilkinson – Contributing Editors/Readers

and with the support of a web of talented contributors, including Blanco, Danny Coeyman, Catherine Chung, Patrick Dyer, Cara Fulmor, Cat Glennon, Erin Heath, La JohnJoseph, Tatyana Kagamas, Khalid El Khatib, Diego Medina, Julia Norton, Danielle Rosa, Michelle Russell, Lauren Savitz, Jonathan Seneris, Gigi Swift, Geoff Trenchard, Will Varner, Jane Yoo, Michelle Yu